Tuesday, October 9, 2012

  • can't find revlon-soft nude lipstick anywhere in stores. looked on and it was $25 while other shades were like 8 bucks. confusing.
  • i haven't blogged for a year and a half but ready to get into it! this new found insomnia is certainly helping me find time for posts.
  • i've had problematic skin on my face these past 3 months and have tried all sorts of different washes, lotions. mostly i was very oily, than dry and getting acne. i was about to splurge on dermalogica when i thought lets give simplicity a try. so for a week all i did was wash my face with a sensitive gel cleanser than used a sensitive astringent to get any left over dirt off my face. that combined with not touching it at all helped tremendously! nothing fancy just a simple routine to let my skin breathe.

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