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Wednesday, April 30, 2014

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love all these versatile summer options. but who wouldn't?

life: parenting

Thursday, April 24, 2014

its currently 2:37 in the morning and I can't sleep because I'm thinking about parenting, becoming a mom x2 in September and also cookies (because staying up makes me hungry). I also had a cup of coffee way too late in the evening. caffeine induced insomnia work your magic.
parenting is a wonderful, stressful and magical adventure that a lot of people go on. there are days when you couldn't imagine your life without your little miracles and half an hour later find yourself asking when is it time for those miracles to take a nap so you can relax for 3.5. minutes. but honestly I have never felt so complete, satisfied and content with my life until this past year when I became a (stay at home) mom for the first time. my baby j has taught me more about life than I could've read in a million books. nothing has ever motivated me to become a better version of myself than the day I realized this little girl watches everything I do, absorbs it like a sponge and mimics it. we sat down for lunch with a bowl of steamed carrots and she refused them until she saw I was eating them too. she finished the whole bowl and in turn lit that light bulb in my head. since than I have become a cleaning, healthy eating, productive machine. I finally feel like I'm filling the role God has designed for me.
I now spend a lot of time thinking about how all this will change once baby #2 comes in our little world. will I pick up the routine that little j and I have currently settled into (once the sleepless night phase is over)? how will j react to the new squishy little creature that will no doubt be in mama's arms all the time? how will I spread my time equally so each child gets the attention they deserve?
there are a million things that can cause insomnia (besides coffee) but I have to remind myself that you can't cross a bridge that you're not even close to reaching yet. if anything, those incoming changes teach us to enjoy the moments we have NOW even more because we know they are fleeting.
 I believe there are always good things at hand and good things yet to come.
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skin care (garance dore + liz marie)

I stumbled upon this article about skin care advice given by a dermatologist on Garance Dore's blog and can say I definitely learned something new. here is a snippet of  that new insight:
When should you be exfoliating?
Exfoliation is the key to having great skin. Spring, summer and fall, you should be doing it twice a week. In winter, just once a week. Use a circular motion, when you are exfoliation you’re applying more pressure than when you just cleanse. I like it when people use an exfoliant that is both a physical exfoliant, so it has some sort of a scrub, plus something that has enzymes and lactic acid. The dual method of exfoliation is really amazing for skin. You can resurface the skin and also slough off the dead skin cells and really wash them away.
What’s the biggest difference between washing your face with dry skin versus breakout prone skin?
It depends on the type of skin that you have. If your skin breaks out, washing your face twice a day is really important. If your skin is very dry, you’re not really going to want to wash your face in the morning because it is just going to dry out your skin more. Splashing water on your face is perfectly fine for super dry skin. For dry skin, I would wash my face in an upward, circular motion because it will bring more nutrients and circulation to the skin. If you have skin that tends to break out, I would wash my face in a downward motion, with downward circles. It will help your skin take away all of the waste.
Lymphatic drainage is the process that brings nutrients and carries away waste. If you have blocked lymph nodes in the face or the neck, you’re going to have kind of chalky, dry skin or skin that breaks out. The chalky, dry skin means that the part of the system that is bringing nutrients is blocked. If you have skin that breaks out, the part that carries away waste isn’t working properly.
What do you think of cleansing gadgets?
It depends on the gadget, but yes they will give a better cleans. It’s really a great way of keeping your pores cleaner, you get a little bit of exfoliation when you use the devices. I like it for everyday because it helps products penetrate better
another article that had me thinking about natural skin care is this one by liz marie. she talks about taking control of her skin by using everyday ingredients like oatmeal (!) grape seed oil and coconut oil. it's worth a read and opened my eyes to the products I put on my face.
my opinion is natural is best and your skin deserves it. skin seems to be a sensitive area for most people (including myself) and I'm thankful for the info that's accessible to help achieve the confidence level that comes with having clear skin.

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summer hands (and feet)

Wednesday, April 23, 2014


as with everything else i reserve darker colors for colder temps and bust out the neons, corals come spring/summer. pink is my go-to nail color but I'm on the lookout for a fun baby blue to add to my polish collection to wear with silver accessories. gold rings spice up the colors even more and i love the metallic toes. something so beachy about them when paired with sandals!

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monday blog links!

Monday, April 21, 2014

some favorite blogs from around the web that are the first ones on the list to catch up on when I have a Nano-second to myself :)
international: a lovely girl from Finland with a beautiful home. her outfits are my definition of style.  

mama like me: she also spends her days chasing after a toddler daughter & her sense of humor is refreshing. let's just say I can relate to a lot!
deals (for parents): crazy good deals on the all things kids-strollers, aden+anais swaddles, hunter boots for kids...
healthy food inspiration: easy meal ideas made with whole ingredients easily found at your local grocery store. win for you, your body and those you love.

words of wisdom friday

Friday, April 18, 2014

Happy Good Friday and Easter weekend everyone! God is Good!

black jeans

lately the only pair of jeans that fit my baby growing belly are a pair of black jeans I got at h&m last winter. I know many won't agree but in my opinion they are hard to style. maybe I'm just not used to wearing them but to me they can come off as cheap? so to fix that, my solution is to pair them with quality fabrics like cashmere and thick knits. sorry about all the sweaters but it snowed here yesterday so no, these are not about to be put away in my state.
to cross them over to spring throw on a light trench instead of coat and strappy heels instead of boots. you go ahead though, I'll be over here drinking hot chocolate.
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life update: i'm expecting!

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

How far along: 20 weeks-halfway!
Gender: will find out Thursday!
---> I think it's a boy because I feel so different with this pregnancy than with my daughter. I was even less nauseous during the 1st trimester which I heard is common with boys. I would love for my daughter to have a sister to play with but as long as the baby is healthy I don't care what it is! every child is a miracle from God & a boy would be a new adventure and a dream come true for hubby.
Weight gain: about 10 pounds
Maternity clothes: not really, just dresses as shirts and lots of leggings!
Stretch marks: from previous pregnancy.
Belly button in or out: in
Sleep: still pretty normal though I feel the belly more. I was even sleeping on my stomach up until a few weeks ago. now I'm my side.
Best moment of the week: today I had my first doctors appointment! (I know, crazy. but lots of reasons had prevented me from even being able to make one) today I went by myself and only had a visit with a nurse, no ultrasound. the best moment was hearing my beautiful baby's heartbeat for the first time! it brought tears of joy and relief to my eyes. I've been so anxious up until now worrying if everything is ok, if the baby is growing because my belly is still relatively small compared to 1. my last pregnancy and 2. other girls I know who are 20 weeks and even less.
Movement: another reason I was anxious about the baby was because I thought I wasn't feeling much movement. little pings here and there but nothing significant enough to call it a strong baby kick. but today since my appointment, I have felt the baby move around a lot! especially when I lie on my back.
Cravings: I didn't stop myself from grabbing a small bag of peanut butter m&m's and 3 caramel chews when I ran into Walgreen's today. also ice cream is a daily craving. can't tell if it's baby induced or me being me ;)
Looking forward to: obviously finding out the gender on Thursday, telling my anticipating friends and family the news and this is far from now but can't wait to hold a tiny newborn in my arms again and know that it's all mine to hold and love and snuggle :)

lous vuitton & m.w.

Monday, April 14, 2014



swoooooooooon! love everything about this Louis Vuitton campaign especially the makeup! Michelle is stunning!
surprisingly, a plain white sweater (that I got for $2, yes $2 at target) is one of my favorite things to throw on when I want to look cute, simple and comfortable. I accessorize with a printed scarf, a great pair of jeans and some tan, leather riding boots and voila! must remember to swipe my red lipstick on next time a la image #1 ;)
images via le fashion

kale salad-easy recipe

toss about 2 tbs of olive oil with red pepper flakes, sea salt, pepper, minced garlic and a splash of lemon juice
mix in cut up kale, parmesan flakes, grape tomatoes with the olive oil mixture and ENJOY!
I'm going to go ahead and say this is an easy, low calorie salad for lunch or a picnic in the park :)
kale is one of those superfoods that amazes me just because of the huge amount of nutrients it packs!

blog lovin!

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night owl post

any else feel really motivated to diy something, bake a healthy vegan cake and workout all at 1 am? but instead just end up sitting on pinterest for 2 hours? I know I'm not the only one ;)

p.s. these are on my to do list (along with 1325765 other cool things I saw on the interwebs!)
1. mouse pad for my office
2. adorable china cups for the mr. and me
3. pretty fabric hearts to make a garland with for my little princess
4. chalkboard frame for weekly verses, notes, etc
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1. target $20 (mine)
2. j.crew $125
3. ily couture (online shop) $72
I guess you get what you pay for because mine broke today ha!

words of wisdom friday!

Friday, April 11, 2014

take your pick of words of encouragement & as always, have a fabulous weekend!
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Sample Products: Review

Thursday, April 10, 2014

So I like to purchase sample sizes of different products so I if I don't love them, I don't stress because I didn't break the bank. here some that have made me smile and I will definitely be buying again:

1. St. Ives Green Tea Scrub-love the small grain texture. doesn't feel as rough as the Apricot Scrub.
2. Garnier Moisture Renewal-this isn't a sample but I love this gel like lotion. It's water based and very light. perfect for summer. The combo of #1 and #2 has made my skin very smooth and soft!
3. Sauve Moroccan Oil-Not nearly as expensive as Moroccan brand but has a delightful smell and leaves hair silky. Win for me.
4. Yes to Grapefruit facial scrub-I want to eat this it smells that good! Also a light, citrusy scrub even less grain than the green tea scrub. Great for everyday use.
5. Crabtree & Evelyn Avocado & Basil Shampoo-Confession: I took this home from the Embassy Suites. isn't that what they're there for?! This smells good and my hair feels clean. I plan on buying the whole line including conditioner and lotion.
6. Simple Replenishing Face lotion-I'm trying to be more conscious of products and ingredients so I was attracted to this because it's supposedly naturally derived. It's an ok lotion. I use it when I have drier skin because it's a more creamy, thicker formula than the Garnier.
7.Tresemme Fresh Start Dry shampoo- who doesn't love dry shampoo. This is great for your purse or gym bag.

and just for fun...
8. Revlon Colorbust Matte Balm-Awesome, awesome "lipstick" goes on so smooth and the matte color is beautiful. They have many to choose from including glossy versions but I loved this for myself because it's a perfect red for my skin tone. Plus it matched my chipped nails ;)