life update: i'm expecting!

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

How far along: 20 weeks-halfway!
Gender: will find out Thursday!
---> I think it's a boy because I feel so different with this pregnancy than with my daughter. I was even less nauseous during the 1st trimester which I heard is common with boys. I would love for my daughter to have a sister to play with but as long as the baby is healthy I don't care what it is! every child is a miracle from God & a boy would be a new adventure and a dream come true for hubby.
Weight gain: about 10 pounds
Maternity clothes: not really, just dresses as shirts and lots of leggings!
Stretch marks: from previous pregnancy.
Belly button in or out: in
Sleep: still pretty normal though I feel the belly more. I was even sleeping on my stomach up until a few weeks ago. now I'm my side.
Best moment of the week: today I had my first doctors appointment! (I know, crazy. but lots of reasons had prevented me from even being able to make one) today I went by myself and only had a visit with a nurse, no ultrasound. the best moment was hearing my beautiful baby's heartbeat for the first time! it brought tears of joy and relief to my eyes. I've been so anxious up until now worrying if everything is ok, if the baby is growing because my belly is still relatively small compared to 1. my last pregnancy and 2. other girls I know who are 20 weeks and even less.
Movement: another reason I was anxious about the baby was because I thought I wasn't feeling much movement. little pings here and there but nothing significant enough to call it a strong baby kick. but today since my appointment, I have felt the baby move around a lot! especially when I lie on my back.
Cravings: I didn't stop myself from grabbing a small bag of peanut butter m&m's and 3 caramel chews when I ran into Walgreen's today. also ice cream is a daily craving. can't tell if it's baby induced or me being me ;)
Looking forward to: obviously finding out the gender on Thursday, telling my anticipating friends and family the news and this is far from now but can't wait to hold a tiny newborn in my arms again and know that it's all mine to hold and love and snuggle :)

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