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Wednesday, July 9, 2014

I haven't done a blog link up in awhile have since found some great ones that I hope you enjoy as much as I do. or maybe I've been living under a rock and you've already found these....

international: Jessie has such sophisticated but easy style that I am totally crushing on right now. She lives in Spain so it's also fun to see different locations and day dream about visiting one day. Fun fact: I took 5 years of Spanish so I like to read her Spanish translation to see what still clicks :)

mama like me: I found Jen B randomly on Instagram and glad I did. we are very close in our due dates, both having girls and both cravings waffles. There were many moments when I was reading her blog and saying to myself "ME too!" as she's totally relatable and hilarious not mention still looks fab (jealous!)

for the home (+ fashion & baby): this could fall under the "mama like me" category because Amanda is also very pregnant and already has a cute daughter...but since she lives in a fabulous NYC apartment and I do not we'll put her here instead. Her blog has tons of ideas on hosting, entertaining, cooking, decorating and more. Definitely worth browsing for inspiration. I for one am glad I stumbled upon it :)

how gorgeous is Amanda's apartment?! ^

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