life: 31 weeks update!

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

How far along: 31 weeks & according to Baby Center baby is size of 4 naval oranges-random.
Gender: baby girl! names are constantly floating through my head :)
Weight gain: don't know, don't want to know. at least 15?
Maternity clothes: leggings pretty much every. single. day. unless I'm in a dress. my goal is to never wear leggings after this pregnancy again! ugh! so sick of them. jealous of all the skinny jeans I see bloggers wearing but I don't want to buy any maternity pants especially in the summer.
Stretch marks: from previous pregnancy. and lots of them smack on the belly :(
Belly button in or out: in/flat
Sleep: it's ok but I wake a lot especially around the 5 am hour where I just sit up wide awake. I guess my body has started to prepare me for sleepless nights again though I would rather it not. can't I just enjoy sleep while its available? thankfully my little j is a good sleeper and lets me sleep in until 9:30.
Best moment of the week: taking some snapshots with my other 2 sisters who are also pregnant! we'll never know if that'll happen again. my younger sister is due any day and my older sister is due in January so it was now or never.
-also last week I went to a gym with my friend on a guest pass and we did some laps in the outdoor pool in the sunshine. it felt so good to exercise and not feel any pain in my back and feet like I do from taking walks. can't wait to get a membership again after I have the baby.
Movement: lots of movement and it's more visible. sometimes I even get a little self conscience wondering if people see it and think it's freaky.
Cravings: breakfast food all day every day. I always think I'm just going to have 1 waffle but end up going for seconds...and thirds... someone take it away from me! also cereal, toast and coffee though that has to be extremely limited :(
Looking forward to: sounds crazy but I'm looking forward to packing since we'll be moving in a couple weeks. I want to go through all our stuff (we really don't have to much since I went on a disposal binge few months ago) and getting rid of even more useless things that escaped my wrath the first time around. I'm all about uncluttering my life since less stuff=less to clean and I'm a clean freak so it makes me happy.
Nervous about: getting more stretch marks. I know if I keep giving into cravings I will gain weight really quick and stretch my skin to limits it shouldn't go. it happened last pregnancy and I really don't want it happen again. my self confidence took a huge hit due to stretch marks and I've just started to slowly regain it and don't want to backslide.

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