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Wednesday, July 23, 2014

images: pinterest
we are currently house hunting (more like scoping out the market) to hopefully purchase our own home within the next year and one of my "must-haves" is a formal dining room area. or at the least a space large enough to comfortably fit a table for 6 people. reason being is I love entertaining and the dinner table has always been the center for conversation in our home. we spend a lot of time there as a family and with our guests. I pulled some images from my pinterest board to inspire when it comes to dining room décor. here is my list to create the perfect dining room:
1. must must must have upholstered chairs. they are just way more comfortable than the wooden ones we currently have. I'm on the search for the perfect dining table/upholstered chair combo. they do require more care but I'm willing to take the risk-(yes even with a toddler & baby on the way!)
2. chandelier/large light fixture. a beautiful source of light is a great focal point in the dining room and gives it elegance. has awesome options at all price points.
3. centerpiece: a beautiful vase with flowers or candelabras (not sure if that's the right word!) complete the room and are an easy, inexpensive way to decorate. they can be switched out with the seasons to keep thing timely and new. call me crazy but I am not against fake flowers. there are some realistic and beautiful stems that can be found even at good old Target.
4. large mirror. this is especially important if there isn't much natural light coming in. a mirror hung up on the wall directly behind the light source will reflect any light and make the room brighter. there is huge, affordable mirror selection at tjmaxx & homegoods. (but who doesn't love their WHOLE home décor selection?)
5. curtains/rug: I put these together because they both add the softer, homier elements to the room. personally, I would go for a neutral, somewhat matching rug and curtain combo just to keep the room uniform. they shouldn't distract from the other décor but be used to keep the space cozy. plus, nothing completes a room better than a pair of curtains. it's the difference between "hi, we're renting" and "welcome to our home"
thanks for reading and if you're interested here is a link to my HOME board on Pinterest :)
p.s. I have found tons of inspiration on Dear Lillie. Her homes are so beautifully decorated! See the last image above for one small example. This woman reads my mind when it comes to décor especially the little girl's rooms :) 


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