our future bedroom!

Wednesday, July 2, 2014


room by glitterandtea featuring a lumbar support chair

another day another girly room inspo featuring a bunch of ikea items.

we're moving soon so I've decided to follow my pinterest loving dreams and design our bedroom incorporating the above items. my husband thinks it's too feminine (it is) but add a gray wall and some black and white pictures of our babies (current and future) and I really think he'll love it. it's 100% not his style and frankly we don't agree on practically anything home design wise but he lets me do what I want because he's an awesome hubby :) I spend a lot of time at home and I clean every. single. day. (I do actually enjoy it) so living in a space I love is important. hopefully that doesn't sound too selfish...

some items not picture that will be included:
white curtains that I plan on painting gray stripes
2 lamps on each nightstand-black base, white shade
white picture frames w/b&w pictures
some kind of rug-have yet to find THE one
a laundry basket

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