Monday, April 14, 2014

lous vuitton & m.w.



swoooooooooon! love everything about this Louis Vuitton campaign especially the makeup! Michelle is stunning!
surprisingly, a plain white sweater (that I got for $2, yes $2 at target) is one of my favorite things to throw on when I want to look cute, simple and comfortable. I accessorize with a printed scarf, a great pair of jeans and some tan, leather riding boots and voila! must remember to swipe my red lipstick on next time a la image #1 ;)
images via le fashion

kale salad-easy recipe

toss about 2 tbs of olive oil with red pepper flakes, sea salt, pepper, minced garlic and a splash of lemon juice
mix in cut up kale, parmesan flakes, grape tomatoes with the olive oil mixture and ENJOY!
I'm going to go ahead and say this is an easy, low calorie salad for lunch or a picnic in the park :)
kale is one of those superfoods that amazes me just because of the huge amount of nutrients it packs!

blog lovin!

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night owl post

any else feel really motivated to diy something, bake a healthy vegan cake and workout all at 1 am? but instead just end up sitting on pinterest for 2 hours? I know I'm not the only one ;)

p.s. these are on my to do list (along with 1325765 other cool things I saw on the interwebs!)
1. mouse pad for my office
2. adorable china cups for the mr. and me
3. pretty fabric hearts to make a garland with for my little princess
4. chalkboard frame for weekly verses, notes, etc
source: pinterest


1. target $20 (mine)
2. j.crew $125
3. ily couture (online shop) $72
I guess you get what you pay for because mine broke today ha!

Friday, April 11, 2014

happy friday ya'll!

take your pick of words of encouragement & as always, have a fabulous weekend!
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Thursday, April 10, 2014

Sample Products: Review

So I like to purchase sample sizes of different products so I if I don't love them, I don't stress because I didn't break the bank. here some that have made me smile and I will definitely be buying again:

1. St. Ives Green Tea Scrub-love the small grain texture. doesn't feel as rough as the Apricot Scrub.
2. Garnier Moisture Renewal-this isn't a sample but I love this gel like lotion. It's water based and very light. perfect for summer. The combo of #1 and #2 has made my skin very smooth and soft!
3. Sauve Moroccan Oil-Not nearly as expensive as Moroccan brand but has a delightful smell and leaves hair silky. Win for me.
4. Yes to Grapefruit facial scrub-I want to eat this it smells that good! Also a light, citrusy scrub even less grain than the green tea scrub. Great for everyday use.
5. Crabtree & Evelyn Avocado & Basil Shampoo-Confession: I took this home from the Embassy Suites. isn't that what they're there for?! This smells good and my hair feels clean. I plan on buying the whole line including conditioner and lotion.
6. Simple Replenishing Face lotion-I'm trying to be more conscious of products and ingredients so I was attracted to this because it's supposedly naturally derived. It's an ok lotion. I use it when I have drier skin because it's a more creamy, thicker formula than the Garnier.
7.Tresemme Fresh Start Dry shampoo- who doesn't love dry shampoo. This is great for your purse or gym bag.

and just for fun...
8. Revlon Colorbust Matte Balm-Awesome, awesome "lipstick" goes on so smooth and the matte color is beautiful. They have many to choose from including glossy versions but I loved this for myself because it's a perfect red for my skin tone. Plus it matched my chipped nails ;)

hobby (crowns)

I having been playing around with making different crowns and headbands for the little ones in my life and decided to sell them on etsy. etsy is so great for at home small businesses for mom's like me! there are so many goodies and I hope people check my shop out and enjoy what they see :)

brooklyn blonde {blogger inspo}

I am a sucker for stripes and if I had to choose I would say that they are my #1 weakness. I own way to many striped tops but wouldn't mind adding this outfit found over at a few days ago!
if you ask me leopard is not a neutral...stripes are :)

baby girl summer style

baby girl summer style

baby girl summer style by glitterandtea on Polyvore

I love me some old navy & baby gap clothing for the little miss in my life. I stopped by old navy today and noticed they have so much ready for summer baby girl outfits that I can't wait to get little J in once the weather allows! here's a sample of every trend & style...eyelet, maxi, gingham, floral, polka, stripes and on and on :)