lately loving & a review or 2

Thursday, July 17, 2014

lately loving

lately loving by glitterandtea featuring Sally Hansen

two posts in one day? the toddler tornado must be napping :)

here are some items I picked up recently or will be getting in the near future...

these loungewear items from old navy are cute enough to wear out of the house. there is currently an online sale (30% off) so I will be getting these asap.

browsed through target's footwear the other day and a lot of sandals caught my eye including these. I assume they will match with 99% of my closet. target also had some cute Birkenstock knockoffs for a fraction of the price if you want to try the trend but don't want to spend that much dough. I think birks are cute and super comfy but not everyone can pull them off-example: me. I have very flat feet and they just make them look flatter. ha no thanks!

I tried sally Hansen complete salon manicure nailpolish in a blush pink (#824) and I loved the thick matte formula and wide brush. new fave polish.

I have a picture of philosophy's hope in a jar lotion up there but what I actually tried was the moisturizing clay mask by the same name. unfortunately I could not find it online! it's a green thick cream that you apply after washing your face and it almost instantly tightens your skin as it dries. this doesn't sound very moisturizing but the miracle is that after I washed it off (you shouldn't keep it on more than 10 minutes or even less) my skin did feel much softer and the huge dry patch I had on my cheek was significantly less noticeable and my makeup went on much more smoother. love it.

some cute accessories from forever 21. though I rarely buy their clothes (I don't remember the last thing or last time I purchased something there) I do love their cheapo jewelry section. the necklace and headband are $2.80! hello! it's perfect for when I feel like buying something...anything.

all items are currently in stores mentioned.

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