Monday, November 10, 2014

Hi, long time no talk!
A lot has happened the past few months of my absence on this blog.
We moved in August & my daughter was born shortly after in September. 
I decided to document more of my life with personal pictures and stories on a new blog:

Follow me there and lets get to know each other better, shall we?

I will no longer update this blog and wanted to say thank you for reading!

fruit dip recipe

Monday, August 4, 2014

image: pinterest
today I wanted to share with you an easy fruit dip recipe. it's perfect for parties, summer picnics or late night cravings :) I love it with strawberries but it also works great with pretzels, graham, crackers, etc. it's pretty thick so it works better with larger fruits or you could skewer blueberries and raspberries for convenience.

what you'll need
  • 4 oz softened cream cheese (use the 1/3 less fat version-you won't notice the difference)
  • 1/2 cup regular sugar
  • 1/2 tub whipped cream
what to do
  1. mix the sugar and cream cheese together with a blender
  2. fold in the whipped cream with a spatula
  3. transfer to pretty bowl and enjoy
I know it's a pretty complicated recipe and requires some sophisticated ingredients but do give it a try ;) I know you'll love it!

night owl post #2

Friday, August 1, 2014

I cannot sleep even though I have had an exhausting day doing nothing except being 35 weeks pregnant. or is it 34 weeks? I never know unless BabyCenter tells me :) I do know my baby is currently the size of a cantaloupe and when I read that I said "sounds about right" it does feel like I have a medium sized melon strapped to me 24/7. I've contemplated actually doing this to my hubby so he knows how I feel. just kidding...sort of.

(cantaloupe melon sorbet. get. in. my. melon. shaped. belly)

nighttime is when I get the strongest cravings. luckily they are too random for me to actually go and get like (currently) a mocha with whipped cream...don't have the ingredients. but sometimes they are totally doable and you'll find me in the kitchen at 12:30 am making microwave-able chocolate chip cookies for 1 (ahem...happened last week...3 times)

I go to the bathroom about 2 times a night and cannot go back to sleep unless I check on my sleeping princess J in her crib. her little booty is always up in the air. how is that comfortable? note to self: must try when done being preggers.

(cutest little one in the cutest pjs)

speaking of bathroom visit...2 sips of something and I feel like my bladder is about to burst. I miss it functioning normally :( oh the things you take for granted your rings fitting your fingers...

(new house bathroom inspiration)

dippin' dots are everytime I eat some I say to myself (and surrounding strangers) "I wish I invented these" I also say that about Solo brand cups, lids. Seriously, those suckers are used in every Starbucks and every other fine establishment with to-go liquid options.

I love aquariums.

(Georgia Aquarium. picture speaks for itself but it's on my bucket list)

decor: dining room inspo

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

images: pinterest
we are currently house hunting (more like scoping out the market) to hopefully purchase our own home within the next year and one of my "must-haves" is a formal dining room area. or at the least a space large enough to comfortably fit a table for 6 people. reason being is I love entertaining and the dinner table has always been the center for conversation in our home. we spend a lot of time there as a family and with our guests. I pulled some images from my pinterest board to inspire when it comes to dining room décor. here is my list to create the perfect dining room:
1. must must must have upholstered chairs. they are just way more comfortable than the wooden ones we currently have. I'm on the search for the perfect dining table/upholstered chair combo. they do require more care but I'm willing to take the risk-(yes even with a toddler & baby on the way!)
2. chandelier/large light fixture. a beautiful source of light is a great focal point in the dining room and gives it elegance. has awesome options at all price points.
3. centerpiece: a beautiful vase with flowers or candelabras (not sure if that's the right word!) complete the room and are an easy, inexpensive way to decorate. they can be switched out with the seasons to keep thing timely and new. call me crazy but I am not against fake flowers. there are some realistic and beautiful stems that can be found even at good old Target.
4. large mirror. this is especially important if there isn't much natural light coming in. a mirror hung up on the wall directly behind the light source will reflect any light and make the room brighter. there is huge, affordable mirror selection at tjmaxx & homegoods. (but who doesn't love their WHOLE home décor selection?)
5. curtains/rug: I put these together because they both add the softer, homier elements to the room. personally, I would go for a neutral, somewhat matching rug and curtain combo just to keep the room uniform. they shouldn't distract from the other décor but be used to keep the space cozy. plus, nothing completes a room better than a pair of curtains. it's the difference between "hi, we're renting" and "welcome to our home"
thanks for reading and if you're interested here is a link to my HOME board on Pinterest :)
p.s. I have found tons of inspiration on Dear Lillie. Her homes are so beautifully decorated! See the last image above for one small example. This woman reads my mind when it comes to décor especially the little girl's rooms :) 

lately loving & a review or 2

Thursday, July 17, 2014

lately loving

lately loving by glitterandtea featuring Sally Hansen

two posts in one day? the toddler tornado must be napping :)

here are some items I picked up recently or will be getting in the near future...

these loungewear items from old navy are cute enough to wear out of the house. there is currently an online sale (30% off) so I will be getting these asap.

browsed through target's footwear the other day and a lot of sandals caught my eye including these. I assume they will match with 99% of my closet. target also had some cute Birkenstock knockoffs for a fraction of the price if you want to try the trend but don't want to spend that much dough. I think birks are cute and super comfy but not everyone can pull them off-example: me. I have very flat feet and they just make them look flatter. ha no thanks!

I tried sally Hansen complete salon manicure nailpolish in a blush pink (#824) and I loved the thick matte formula and wide brush. new fave polish.

I have a picture of philosophy's hope in a jar lotion up there but what I actually tried was the moisturizing clay mask by the same name. unfortunately I could not find it online! it's a green thick cream that you apply after washing your face and it almost instantly tightens your skin as it dries. this doesn't sound very moisturizing but the miracle is that after I washed it off (you shouldn't keep it on more than 10 minutes or even less) my skin did feel much softer and the huge dry patch I had on my cheek was significantly less noticeable and my makeup went on much more smoother. love it.

some cute accessories from forever 21. though I rarely buy their clothes (I don't remember the last thing or last time I purchased something there) I do love their cheapo jewelry section. the necklace and headband are $2.80! hello! it's perfect for when I feel like buying something...anything.

all items are currently in stores mentioned.


1. Jessie

other images: pinterest
you cannot tell me this isn't the most perfect uniform out there. I won't listen. there is too much evidence. sexy heels, distressed denim and a simple button are a blank canvas waiting for a leopard clutch, statement bag or necklace that once put together, will be ready to go almost anywhere.
it's been chilly here in my neck of the woods and though I love summer and heat and humidity, the cooler weather (like 65-70 degrees) has been making me itch for fall. plus come September I will no longer be preggo and actually get to wear things I want versus whatever fits the big ol' bump. only 8 more weeks!


Tuesday, July 15, 2014


cobalt/turquoise by glitterandtea featuring Stella & Dot

you can see by the title that my absolute favorite color combo right now is cobalt blue with turquoise accessories. could it have been inspired by the beautiful colors of the ocean, a place I would LOVE to be right now? maybe, maybe ;) 

`I wore a blue maxi (all of these including mine are from old navy & current) with a beaded turquoise necklace (old from charlotte russe) to church on Sunday and loved it so much that I may or may not wear to my friends bridal shower this Saturday. hey, it's not a crime if no one saw you in it the 1st time :)  

blog links!

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

I haven't done a blog link up in awhile have since found some great ones that I hope you enjoy as much as I do. or maybe I've been living under a rock and you've already found these....

international: Jessie has such sophisticated but easy style that I am totally crushing on right now. She lives in Spain so it's also fun to see different locations and day dream about visiting one day. Fun fact: I took 5 years of Spanish so I like to read her Spanish translation to see what still clicks :)

mama like me: I found Jen B randomly on Instagram and glad I did. we are very close in our due dates, both having girls and both cravings waffles. There were many moments when I was reading her blog and saying to myself "ME too!" as she's totally relatable and hilarious not mention still looks fab (jealous!)

for the home (+ fashion & baby): this could fall under the "mama like me" category because Amanda is also very pregnant and already has a cute daughter...but since she lives in a fabulous NYC apartment and I do not we'll put her here instead. Her blog has tons of ideas on hosting, entertaining, cooking, decorating and more. Definitely worth browsing for inspiration. I for one am glad I stumbled upon it :)

how gorgeous is Amanda's apartment?! ^

mary kate and ashley-beauty

what would this blog be without the random posting of mary kate and Ashley? love their hair and makeup here!

1st image: pinterest 2nd image: olsens anonymous

life: 31 weeks update!

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

How far along: 31 weeks & according to Baby Center baby is size of 4 naval oranges-random.
Gender: baby girl! names are constantly floating through my head :)
Weight gain: don't know, don't want to know. at least 15?
Maternity clothes: leggings pretty much every. single. day. unless I'm in a dress. my goal is to never wear leggings after this pregnancy again! ugh! so sick of them. jealous of all the skinny jeans I see bloggers wearing but I don't want to buy any maternity pants especially in the summer.
Stretch marks: from previous pregnancy. and lots of them smack on the belly :(
Belly button in or out: in/flat
Sleep: it's ok but I wake a lot especially around the 5 am hour where I just sit up wide awake. I guess my body has started to prepare me for sleepless nights again though I would rather it not. can't I just enjoy sleep while its available? thankfully my little j is a good sleeper and lets me sleep in until 9:30.
Best moment of the week: taking some snapshots with my other 2 sisters who are also pregnant! we'll never know if that'll happen again. my younger sister is due any day and my older sister is due in January so it was now or never.
-also last week I went to a gym with my friend on a guest pass and we did some laps in the outdoor pool in the sunshine. it felt so good to exercise and not feel any pain in my back and feet like I do from taking walks. can't wait to get a membership again after I have the baby.
Movement: lots of movement and it's more visible. sometimes I even get a little self conscience wondering if people see it and think it's freaky.
Cravings: breakfast food all day every day. I always think I'm just going to have 1 waffle but end up going for seconds...and thirds... someone take it away from me! also cereal, toast and coffee though that has to be extremely limited :(
Looking forward to: sounds crazy but I'm looking forward to packing since we'll be moving in a couple weeks. I want to go through all our stuff (we really don't have to much since I went on a disposal binge few months ago) and getting rid of even more useless things that escaped my wrath the first time around. I'm all about uncluttering my life since less stuff=less to clean and I'm a clean freak so it makes me happy.
Nervous about: getting more stretch marks. I know if I keep giving into cravings I will gain weight really quick and stretch my skin to limits it shouldn't go. it happened last pregnancy and I really don't want it happen again. my self confidence took a huge hit due to stretch marks and I've just started to slowly regain it and don't want to backslide.

red, white and blue (lace dresses)

Friday, July 4, 2014

easy breezy boho beautiful. I could live in either of these.
happy 4th of july! yay America!

skin! clarisonic & estee lauder review

Thursday, July 3, 2014


skin! by glitterandtea featuring a clarisonic face wash

for mother's day this year I posted that I wanted to try the Clarisonic. I've always hesitated making the plunge because I was afraid it might be one of those over priced fad items and I didn't want to be duped. one day my husband and I were just browsing around Macy's when I stopped to show him the brush. He encouraged me to give it a try because believe it or not but he's a huge supporter of me having clear skin. sounds weird but he knows acne is something I struggled with in the past so he's always in my corner when it comes to my skin. he's a total catch and makes me feel beautiful and confident all the time :)

back to the brush. I bought it, used it that evening and instantly loved it. my skin just felt so clean! I recently got a sample of the Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair serum and decided to try it after using the brush and the next morning woke up with-dare I say it-radiant skin! I believe the combination of the 2 is what really did it for me. the brush helped absorb the serum better because my skin was just cleaner! so now these are the only products I use at night and during the day I still love my Garnier Moisture Rescue lotion after using the brush. It's water based so I feel like I'm splashing my face with light moisture instead of slathering on a heavy thick formula. it's summer, who needs that?

extra side note: I got the mia 2 which comes with a timer but honestly gives me anxiety because I always feel like I need more time or it's taking too long. of course the whole purpose is uniform cleansing and to make sure you're using it not too much not too little but I could do without. that's just me.

the serum is a splurge at $62 for and ounce (!) of the stuff but the truth is it works and it does last a good amount of time. you need just a pea size for your face and you're good to go.

our future bedroom!

Wednesday, July 2, 2014


room by glitterandtea featuring a lumbar support chair

another day another girly room inspo featuring a bunch of ikea items.

we're moving soon so I've decided to follow my pinterest loving dreams and design our bedroom incorporating the above items. my husband thinks it's too feminine (it is) but add a gray wall and some black and white pictures of our babies (current and future) and I really think he'll love it. it's 100% not his style and frankly we don't agree on practically anything home design wise but he lets me do what I want because he's an awesome hubby :) I spend a lot of time at home and I clean every. single. day. (I do actually enjoy it) so living in a space I love is important. hopefully that doesn't sound too selfish...

some items not picture that will be included:
white curtains that I plan on painting gray stripes
2 lamps on each nightstand-black base, white shade
white picture frames w/b&w pictures
some kind of rug-have yet to find THE one
a laundry basket

life: what's in my (future) hospital bag

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

hospital bag
last time I was pregnant I of course took advice from others mama's and jam packed my hospital bag with what they told me I should be bringing. this time around I know better. in my opinion you do not need a million things! because what ends up happening is you go to the hospital with those millions of things and you walk out with two million things. there is so much stuff you will receive at the hospital (not to mention a certain precious newborn) that the less you come with the better. we ended up making 2 (!) trips with a CART to get it all to the car. don't forget all the visitors you might get who will bring flowers, balloons, random other gifts that will only add to your load.
so here are my 3 categories and why these items will be included:
category one-for the baby:
newborn take home clothes and a blanket. obvious stuff so lets move on :)
category two: for the hospital stay:
robe/pajamas: this for after you have the baby. you will probably stay at least one night and the hospital gowns are not comfy pjs. you'll need something that will be easy to remove for nurse/dr. checkups, baths, breast feeding, skin to skin contact, etc. also something cute because most pictures will be you sitting in your bed from the waist up.
sock like slippers: soft and easy to slip on and off and nice for walking around/being wheeled around in a wheelchair.
toiletries: I don't go anywhere overnight without my toothbrush. bring what you use on a daily morning routine. no more no less. if you forget anything the hospital can usually provide. also include chapstick & lotion. I felt so dry after delivery that those are musts for me.
earrings: do wear pretty earrings for all those pictures :)
headband: keep hair out of the way during labor. also try to find a nice one since who knows what state your hair will be in after delivery. not that hair is the most important but it's a little plus.
category three: going home
scarf: I'll be giving birth in late aug/sept so I presume I will need some kind of light layer.
t shirt: something loose and easy to slip on. basic and classic so it's not distracting in pictures.
leggings: give your body rest and time to recover. don't wear anything too tight but keep it comfy (and just in case, keep it black)
flats: cute and practical.
duffle bag: something big and roomy for all your stuff with a shoulder strap so your hands are free to carry anything else.
every mom will have her specific necessities and these are mine. hopefully it was somewhat helpful. and I might be forgetting something but this is the jist of it for now...
I'm kinda crazy and am looking forward to my hospital stay and even delivery! I had a great experience last time and pray this second time around will be no different.

fbf: mk&a style

Friday, May 30, 2014

sometimes I like to throw in a little Mary Kate & Ashley action via Olsens Anonymous. here we have Mary Kate perfect baby blue blazer that's perfect for an evening roof top party while Ashley's is ready for garden tea or a bridal shower. both looks are complete with a clutch and gold arm candy. so easy to recreate.
 and can I just say the blonde hair is sun kissed perfection? for that see a salon near you :)

my weekend unfortunately will not include any breezy summer soirees but rather duct tape and boxes. I'm helping my also pregnant sister move into their new home. packing alone is never fun but add being 5+ months pregnant and it's a whole new level of sucks. ha.
hope yours is a good one :)

life: year one favorites

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

these are a few items that we've been loving as our little j turned one and beyond.

first of feeding:
this ikea high chair is the it's simple to put together, easy to clean and the clean, crisp white is not an eye sore in the kitchen. it comes with a soft bumper but we never used our since our j is a chunk! best part: only !24.99!

we love tommee tippee over here. first off: the sippy cups never leak and the controlled flow is just right for beginning stages of sippy use. the handles are a bonus for tiny hands.
second: these explora bibs are the BEST for eating. the rubber material keeps the flap always open and ready to catch every drip and crumb. we don't eat with out it. sometimes it looks like a salad in there from all the things that fall in there after a meal. the neck has adjustable snaps for little and chubby necks :)

now onto toys:

vtech walker: we've had this walker (in pink) since j was 10 months. it was love at first sight for her. there are lots of activities in the front, it sings and helped her get steady on her feet when she wasn't quite walking.

ikea toys: we try to buy toys that help with brain development and motor skills. these are awesome. and cheap.
mega bloks: I scored these on amazon for $11. she likes to take them in and out of the bag as much as she likes scattering them. fine with me :)
avent pacifiers: these have worked the best for us from day one. even though j is 15 months now we still use these for naps and bedtime. next up: weaning! wish us luck!

random: favorites & weekend plans

Saturday, May 17, 2014

 favorite hairstyle
 favorite swim look
 favorite everyday "uniform"
 favorite "neutral" shoe
favorite computer background
today I have limited plans that are all leisurely and relaxing. first, I'm off to my mom's to drink a cup of tea with her and drop off my little junebug so she can babysit while I go to my bi-weekly book club with friends (I'm a bookworm). Than I'm going to pick her up and swing by our favorite park for a long stroll around the lake in this gorgeous weather.
lovely Saturday to you all!
images: pinterest

summer tops: feel the sunshine

Friday, May 16, 2014

Untitled #18

summer means sunshine, sunshine means skin. let your skin peek from months of thick sweaters by incorporating flowy tanks and light crop tops paired with your usual distressed denim and sleek pencil skirt. throw on some nude wedges or strappy sandals and you're ready for 90% of summer activities :)
merry weekend everyone!89