night owl post #2

Friday, August 1, 2014

I cannot sleep even though I have had an exhausting day doing nothing except being 35 weeks pregnant. or is it 34 weeks? I never know unless BabyCenter tells me :) I do know my baby is currently the size of a cantaloupe and when I read that I said "sounds about right" it does feel like I have a medium sized melon strapped to me 24/7. I've contemplated actually doing this to my hubby so he knows how I feel. just kidding...sort of.

(cantaloupe melon sorbet. get. in. my. melon. shaped. belly)

nighttime is when I get the strongest cravings. luckily they are too random for me to actually go and get like (currently) a mocha with whipped cream...don't have the ingredients. but sometimes they are totally doable and you'll find me in the kitchen at 12:30 am making microwave-able chocolate chip cookies for 1 (ahem...happened last week...3 times)

I go to the bathroom about 2 times a night and cannot go back to sleep unless I check on my sleeping princess J in her crib. her little booty is always up in the air. how is that comfortable? note to self: must try when done being preggers.

(cutest little one in the cutest pjs)

speaking of bathroom visit...2 sips of something and I feel like my bladder is about to burst. I miss it functioning normally :( oh the things you take for granted your rings fitting your fingers...

(new house bathroom inspiration)

dippin' dots are everytime I eat some I say to myself (and surrounding strangers) "I wish I invented these" I also say that about Solo brand cups, lids. Seriously, those suckers are used in every Starbucks and every other fine establishment with to-go liquid options.

I love aquariums.

(Georgia Aquarium. picture speaks for itself but it's on my bucket list)

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