fbf: mk&a style

Friday, May 30, 2014

sometimes I like to throw in a little Mary Kate & Ashley action via Olsens Anonymous. here we have Mary Kate perfect baby blue blazer that's perfect for an evening roof top party while Ashley's is ready for garden tea or a bridal shower. both looks are complete with a clutch and gold arm candy. so easy to recreate.
 and can I just say the blonde hair is sun kissed perfection? for that see a salon near you :)

my weekend unfortunately will not include any breezy summer soirees but rather duct tape and boxes. I'm helping my also pregnant sister move into their new home. packing alone is never fun but add being 5+ months pregnant and it's a whole new level of sucks. ha.
hope yours is a good one :)

life: year one favorites

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

these are a few items that we've been loving as our little j turned one and beyond.

first of feeding:
this ikea high chair is the it's simple to put together, easy to clean and the clean, crisp white is not an eye sore in the kitchen. it comes with a soft bumper but we never used our since our j is a chunk! best part: only !24.99!

we love tommee tippee over here. first off: the sippy cups never leak and the controlled flow is just right for beginning stages of sippy use. the handles are a bonus for tiny hands.
second: these explora bibs are the BEST for eating. the rubber material keeps the flap always open and ready to catch every drip and crumb. we don't eat with out it. sometimes it looks like a salad in there from all the things that fall in there after a meal. the neck has adjustable snaps for little and chubby necks :)

now onto toys:

vtech walker: we've had this walker (in pink) since j was 10 months. it was love at first sight for her. there are lots of activities in the front, it sings and helped her get steady on her feet when she wasn't quite walking.

ikea toys: we try to buy toys that help with brain development and motor skills. these are awesome. and cheap.
mega bloks: I scored these on amazon for $11. she likes to take them in and out of the bag as much as she likes scattering them. fine with me :)
avent pacifiers: these have worked the best for us from day one. even though j is 15 months now we still use these for naps and bedtime. next up: weaning! wish us luck!

random: favorites & weekend plans

Saturday, May 17, 2014

 favorite hairstyle
 favorite swim look
 favorite everyday "uniform"
 favorite "neutral" shoe
favorite computer background
today I have limited plans that are all leisurely and relaxing. first, I'm off to my mom's to drink a cup of tea with her and drop off my little junebug so she can babysit while I go to my bi-weekly book club with friends (I'm a bookworm). Than I'm going to pick her up and swing by our favorite park for a long stroll around the lake in this gorgeous weather.
lovely Saturday to you all!
images: pinterest

summer tops: feel the sunshine

Friday, May 16, 2014

Untitled #18

summer means sunshine, sunshine means skin. let your skin peek from months of thick sweaters by incorporating flowy tanks and light crop tops paired with your usual distressed denim and sleek pencil skirt. throw on some nude wedges or strappy sandals and you're ready for 90% of summer activities :)
merry weekend everyone!89

life update: 24 weeks & gender reveal!

How far along: 24 weeks (size of a corn on the cob)
Gender: baby girl! I'm so excited to give my little j a sister to play with. I imagine tea parties and glitter everyday :)
Weight gain: about 12-15 pounds
Maternity clothes: not really, just dresses as shirts and lots of leggings! did buy some white capri pants from liz lange maternity at target and they're versatile enough to wear everyday...not that I do that...ha
Stretch marks: from previous pregnancy.
Belly button in or out: in
Sleep: still pretty normal though I feel the belly more. lately I've been a really good sleeper. I fall asleep in seconds and don't wake up for anything lol
Best moment of the week: actually seeing the kicks coming from inside my belly! baby girl is getting strong! what a blessing.  
Movement: lots of flutters through out the day. I love it! it's like our own little secret that just my baby and me share. she sends me butterflies in my belly everyday to say hello.
Cravings: still mainly sweets thought it toned down. eating lots of fruits and banana bread. but I love those things any time of the year :)
Looking forward to: every change this new baby will be bringing into our lives. we'll be moving soon into a place with more space in a few months, getting her nursery ready, and mostly seeing my two babies interact with each other :)
Nervous about: nursing. a baby and a toddler that desires more and more attention? that'll be a toughie. also, too much weight gain. last time I gained 50 (!) pounds. as with most women it got harder and harder to be active and my eating was out of control. I was constantly hungry and could out eat a 240 pound man (that would be my husband) easily. I'm already starting to feel no energy for activities other than housework so that makes me nervous.

grace of monaco

umm, hello why doesn't the above movie have a US release date yet?! this is definitely my kind of cinema. I'm sure the fashion alone would be stunning. I rounded up some images of Grace Kelly from the good old web that I feel are so timeless and classic that women today can still pull off some if not all elements. enjoy!


1. high wasted white bikini
2. full midi skirt with simple top
3. tropical print dress
side note: in that last image she looks like a 1950's Barbie...
images: google

here & there: iphone snaps

Thursday, May 15, 2014

1.favorite ring (forever 21)
2. Starbucks day with my baby
3. week old mani still kicking (OPI)
4. the grass is green on my side!
5. cold weather always makes me want ice cream. this particular day (about a month ago) it was snowing.

purses the color of flowers

Tuesday, May 13, 2014


oh how I enjoy the colorful purse trend. they are such a pick me up and instantly brighten any outfit. notice these are all pretty roomy with a cross body option. these days I'm lugging extra items-I like to think of it as a complimentary service for my daughter-so I need something that will hold all her junk our goodies and give me the hands free option when said daughter also wants to be held. of course function does not have to kill form and having a fun bag makes the day a little more fun too :)

words of wisdom friday!

Friday, May 9, 2014



I realized these are not very colorful today and that I should've called these posts words of wisdom Wednesday...oh well...
tomorrow I'm attending a birthday party for a friend who I've known for over a decade. we started out as young, awkward teens chasing boys and now we're both married to the men of our dreams who happen to share the same name.
 that last picture is actually exactly how I feel about my husband.
I hope everyone has a great weekend!

images: tumblr

blue will do.


bright but reminds me of gloomy weather (ahem today) all at the same time. in sweater form blue is ready for rain, in earring form it's ready for a night by the ocean, dancing to salsa music, in chambray it's ready for work-behind a computer or on a farm. oh, versatile blue. we love you.

images: tumblr

mothers day wish list

mothers day wish list

"oh, what lovely mother's day gift ideas" you say? no, sorry these are things I want! well, doesn't that sound selfish...let me explain.

1. kitchenaid mixer: I've been baking a lot lately (due to Easter, several birthdays and mother's day all happening within weeks of each other) sometimes with my sisters and sometimes at home by myself. well, my sister has a trusty kitchenaid that she weekly and I just have a typical hand mixer and let me tell ya, there is a difference in how the dough turns out which makes a difference in how the finished product turns out.

2. clarisonic: I've heard praise about this little skin care gadget countless times in the past couple weeks. it just keeps coming up in conversations. I'm on a quest to unplug my pores (that sounds as gross as it is) and I hear this helps with multiple skin problems.

3. sapphire ring: it's my birthstone (and if things go as planned my future baby's) but I wouldn't mind an emerald or amethyst for my husband and daughter.

4. ipad: I do tons of stuff on my iphone and looking at the small screen has started to bug my eyes. enter the ipad currently on sale at target :)

5. floral pillow: our bedroom is purple and this would bring some more color and make it feel like a garden. plus it's so pretty!

6. ikea full length mirror: when I lived at home with my parents I had mirrored closet doors and again when my husband moved into our apartment so I never needed a full length mirror. well now we have moved and I find myself annoying walking to the bathroom to analyze my outfit only up to my waist and hoping the bottom half doesn't look silly.

i realize these are all products that have been around for years and millions of people own them. if you are one of the million, tell me what is your must have and what would you go without?