mothers day wish list

Friday, May 9, 2014

mothers day wish list

"oh, what lovely mother's day gift ideas" you say? no, sorry these are things I want! well, doesn't that sound selfish...let me explain.

1. kitchenaid mixer: I've been baking a lot lately (due to Easter, several birthdays and mother's day all happening within weeks of each other) sometimes with my sisters and sometimes at home by myself. well, my sister has a trusty kitchenaid that she weekly and I just have a typical hand mixer and let me tell ya, there is a difference in how the dough turns out which makes a difference in how the finished product turns out.

2. clarisonic: I've heard praise about this little skin care gadget countless times in the past couple weeks. it just keeps coming up in conversations. I'm on a quest to unplug my pores (that sounds as gross as it is) and I hear this helps with multiple skin problems.

3. sapphire ring: it's my birthstone (and if things go as planned my future baby's) but I wouldn't mind an emerald or amethyst for my husband and daughter.

4. ipad: I do tons of stuff on my iphone and looking at the small screen has started to bug my eyes. enter the ipad currently on sale at target :)

5. floral pillow: our bedroom is purple and this would bring some more color and make it feel like a garden. plus it's so pretty!

6. ikea full length mirror: when I lived at home with my parents I had mirrored closet doors and again when my husband moved into our apartment so I never needed a full length mirror. well now we have moved and I find myself annoying walking to the bathroom to analyze my outfit only up to my waist and hoping the bottom half doesn't look silly.

i realize these are all products that have been around for years and millions of people own them. if you are one of the million, tell me what is your must have and what would you go without?


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