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Tuesday, May 27, 2014

these are a few items that we've been loving as our little j turned one and beyond.

first of feeding:
this ikea high chair is the it's simple to put together, easy to clean and the clean, crisp white is not an eye sore in the kitchen. it comes with a soft bumper but we never used our since our j is a chunk! best part: only !24.99!

we love tommee tippee over here. first off: the sippy cups never leak and the controlled flow is just right for beginning stages of sippy use. the handles are a bonus for tiny hands.
second: these explora bibs are the BEST for eating. the rubber material keeps the flap always open and ready to catch every drip and crumb. we don't eat with out it. sometimes it looks like a salad in there from all the things that fall in there after a meal. the neck has adjustable snaps for little and chubby necks :)

now onto toys:

vtech walker: we've had this walker (in pink) since j was 10 months. it was love at first sight for her. there are lots of activities in the front, it sings and helped her get steady on her feet when she wasn't quite walking.

ikea toys: we try to buy toys that help with brain development and motor skills. these are awesome. and cheap.
mega bloks: I scored these on amazon for $11. she likes to take them in and out of the bag as much as she likes scattering them. fine with me :)
avent pacifiers: these have worked the best for us from day one. even though j is 15 months now we still use these for naps and bedtime. next up: weaning! wish us luck!

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