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Tuesday, June 3, 2014

hospital bag
last time I was pregnant I of course took advice from others mama's and jam packed my hospital bag with what they told me I should be bringing. this time around I know better. in my opinion you do not need a million things! because what ends up happening is you go to the hospital with those millions of things and you walk out with two million things. there is so much stuff you will receive at the hospital (not to mention a certain precious newborn) that the less you come with the better. we ended up making 2 (!) trips with a CART to get it all to the car. don't forget all the visitors you might get who will bring flowers, balloons, random other gifts that will only add to your load.
so here are my 3 categories and why these items will be included:
category one-for the baby:
newborn take home clothes and a blanket. obvious stuff so lets move on :)
category two: for the hospital stay:
robe/pajamas: this for after you have the baby. you will probably stay at least one night and the hospital gowns are not comfy pjs. you'll need something that will be easy to remove for nurse/dr. checkups, baths, breast feeding, skin to skin contact, etc. also something cute because most pictures will be you sitting in your bed from the waist up.
sock like slippers: soft and easy to slip on and off and nice for walking around/being wheeled around in a wheelchair.
toiletries: I don't go anywhere overnight without my toothbrush. bring what you use on a daily morning routine. no more no less. if you forget anything the hospital can usually provide. also include chapstick & lotion. I felt so dry after delivery that those are musts for me.
earrings: do wear pretty earrings for all those pictures :)
headband: keep hair out of the way during labor. also try to find a nice one since who knows what state your hair will be in after delivery. not that hair is the most important but it's a little plus.
category three: going home
scarf: I'll be giving birth in late aug/sept so I presume I will need some kind of light layer.
t shirt: something loose and easy to slip on. basic and classic so it's not distracting in pictures.
leggings: give your body rest and time to recover. don't wear anything too tight but keep it comfy (and just in case, keep it black)
flats: cute and practical.
duffle bag: something big and roomy for all your stuff with a shoulder strap so your hands are free to carry anything else.
every mom will have her specific necessities and these are mine. hopefully it was somewhat helpful. and I might be forgetting something but this is the jist of it for now...
I'm kinda crazy and am looking forward to my hospital stay and even delivery! I had a great experience last time and pray this second time around will be no different.

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