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Thursday, April 24, 2014

I stumbled upon this article about skin care advice given by a dermatologist on Garance Dore's blog and can say I definitely learned something new. here is a snippet of  that new insight:
When should you be exfoliating?
Exfoliation is the key to having great skin. Spring, summer and fall, you should be doing it twice a week. In winter, just once a week. Use a circular motion, when you are exfoliation you’re applying more pressure than when you just cleanse. I like it when people use an exfoliant that is both a physical exfoliant, so it has some sort of a scrub, plus something that has enzymes and lactic acid. The dual method of exfoliation is really amazing for skin. You can resurface the skin and also slough off the dead skin cells and really wash them away.
What’s the biggest difference between washing your face with dry skin versus breakout prone skin?
It depends on the type of skin that you have. If your skin breaks out, washing your face twice a day is really important. If your skin is very dry, you’re not really going to want to wash your face in the morning because it is just going to dry out your skin more. Splashing water on your face is perfectly fine for super dry skin. For dry skin, I would wash my face in an upward, circular motion because it will bring more nutrients and circulation to the skin. If you have skin that tends to break out, I would wash my face in a downward motion, with downward circles. It will help your skin take away all of the waste.
Lymphatic drainage is the process that brings nutrients and carries away waste. If you have blocked lymph nodes in the face or the neck, you’re going to have kind of chalky, dry skin or skin that breaks out. The chalky, dry skin means that the part of the system that is bringing nutrients is blocked. If you have skin that breaks out, the part that carries away waste isn’t working properly.
What do you think of cleansing gadgets?
It depends on the gadget, but yes they will give a better cleans. It’s really a great way of keeping your pores cleaner, you get a little bit of exfoliation when you use the devices. I like it for everyday because it helps products penetrate better
another article that had me thinking about natural skin care is this one by liz marie. she talks about taking control of her skin by using everyday ingredients like oatmeal (!) grape seed oil and coconut oil. it's worth a read and opened my eyes to the products I put on my face.
my opinion is natural is best and your skin deserves it. skin seems to be a sensitive area for most people (including myself) and I'm thankful for the info that's accessible to help achieve the confidence level that comes with having clear skin.

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